Another day…

A game of chutes and ladders

Over here in Tampa, Florida it’s almost nine in the morning and I’ve been up since 6 prepping for a class project.
Let’s talk about school…
We have a love hate relarionship. Do you ever feel this way? Like you jump for joy when you get good grades but then feel horrible when something or nothing ev goes your way in school. I always do this. I always say,” I’m going to do better.” But then when I try to do better … it still doesn’t work.
Life can be like chutes and ladders, like the game you played when you were younger. You take twenty steps forward but only two realize when you fall like 50 spaces behind. Darn purple!
Life can be like chutes and laddders, where you don’t know where you’ll end at the end of the day you just know the final result.

Have a good day loves. Thanks for reading my words. ♡♡



To the world. 

Are you ever scared of growing up?

Of not being or living to your full potential? 

I am. All the time. 

I actually have conversations and fights with myself stating,” you are good enough. You are strong enough.” 

I have plenty of supportive people around me.. my boyfriend… parents.. friends… but I still feel alone. 

Do you feel this way?

I’m starting this blog because I want to expand my writing and hope that someone actually does read my words. 

I’m blessingsbeyondcompare because I have had more blessings in my life than one could imagine. It’s nice to meet you.